Parks and Wildlife

Parks and Wildlife 
Kendall Stumme,

Address:  1010 250th St. Algona, IA  50511
Phone: (515) 295-2138
FAX: (515) 295-6833

Office Hours:  
8:00 AM – 3:30 PM, T-F


Mission --

Our mission is to protect and manage the unique natural areas in Kossuth County for a diversity of wildlife species.  It is also in the Kossuth County Conservation Board’s interest to provide a diversity of recreational opportunities for the public to utilize and appreciate the natural resources in the county.

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PUBLIC USE AREAS ACRES                                    
Eagle Lake Wildlife Area 180                             X     X
Greenwood Marsh 7                                   X
Michaelsen Marsh 95   X X X   P                 X X R X
Devine Wildlife Area 41   X X         X X X     X X X   R X
Geigel Woods 14                             X     X
Plum Creek Dam 7                         X X X   R X
Plum Creek Timber 64                           X X   R X
Riverdale Timber 16                           X X   R X
Smith Wildlife Area 144                           X X   R X
St. Benedict Wildlife Area 33                           X X   L X
Burt Lake 145   X X X X P     X X X   X X X   L  
Call Park Road Habitat Area 3                             X     X
Hurlburt Wildlife Area 180                           X X   RL X
Ledyard R.O.W. 16                             X     X
Patterson Recreation and Wildlife Area 303                         X X X   R X
Plum Creek Wildlife Area 70                           X X   L X
Rath Right of Way 24                             X     X
Siems Park 41   X X X X P   X X X     X X     L  
Smith Lake County Park 124 X X X X X M X X X X X X X X     L  
H.M. and Eva Smith Prairie 9                                   X
Stinson Prairie 32                             X     X
Wesley Right of Way 48                             X     X
Whittemore Land 4                             X     X

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For more information about Kossuth County or to comment on our web page contact us at info@co.kossuth.ia.us